Should the client and sponsor obtain financing at the same time?

Depending on the transaction study and the type of financing


What are the requirements and conditions for obtaining financing?

The financing applicant must be of Jordanian nationality and between 18 and 65 years old, depending on the product type (according to the company’s terms and conditions)

Is there cash financing?


What is the minimum and maximum financing limits?

: A minimum of 200 JOD and a maximum of 15000 JOD
         According to the conducted financial evaluation as well as the terms and
         conditions of the company

Is it possible to take two finance loans at the same time?


What are the channels for submitting complaints?

The available Channels are:
        • The unit's direct toll-free number: 080022303
        • Complaints Handling Unit: 0771000625
        • Email:
        • P.O. Box: PO Box 2439, Amman 11821, Jordan.
        • Complaint’s box available in the general administration building and the c 
           company's branches and offices using the approved complaints form.
        • Personal attendance at the public administration building.
        • General Administration: 065529019 - Fax number: 065528859
        • Website
        • The social networking sites of the " Al-Namothajiah for Islamic Micro-Finance ".

How long does it take to obtain financing?

Ranges between 2-5 days, depending on the time it takes to complete and submit required papers in accordance wit the financing conditions


What are the company’s official working hours?

From Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

What are the financing repayment periods?

It ranges between 6 months up to 48 months

What are the payment models available?

:You can pay your monthly installment through
        Directly through the company branches-
       Any of bills payment services-
       Electronic wallets-
        Exchange offices-

To which party does the Al-Namothajiah for Islamic Micro-Finance Company follow?

The Al-Namothajiah for Islamic Micro-Finance Company is the investment arm of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development.

Is there a down-payment required on all types of loans?

It depends on the type of financing required.

Is there financing for debt repayment and one-party commitment?

There neither cash nor one-party financing.

What are the financing types available?

We offer Islamic financing for:
      - Individuals with income, such as employees, retirees, and day laborers.                   
      - Owners of licensed and under-establishment projects,
      - Owners of home-based projects.

Do you offer car and scooter financing?

Yes, we do.

What is the Murabaha rate?

Ranges between 0.5% and 1.84% per month.

Is the Al-Namothajiah for Islamic Micro-Finance Company licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan?


What are the procedures for taking financing?

Contact any of the following:
     - Customer Service Center on 065529019
     - Visit your nearest branch
     - Apply online through our website

Is a government or private sponsor required?

Not required

What are the required documents?

Proof of identity / proof of income / guarantor according to the company’s terms and conditions.

What are your branches’ locations?

Is financing compliant with Islamic Shariah?